Learning new languages

I haven’t seriously studied a foreign language in (gasp!) 19 years, but my daughter’s dive into French has again renewed my interest. I took a year of French in high school (even longer ago than 19 years…) and I didn’t like, didn’t do well in it at all. The next year, I took Spanish. I liked it so much I continued it in college. Still, it’s been 19 years since my last Spanish course. I came across this nice article not too long ago. I like the way the chart is put together. It gives an interesting perspective in terms of time required to learn.


One thought on “Learning new languages

  1. Even if it is been 19 years without practising Spanish, it is still here somewhere inside you! Imagine a path in the forest, where you used to go everyday… suddenly you stop coming… the path is still here but covered with leaves so you can hardly see it and you think it is all gone… but one day you come back on this old path and you start walking on it and you recognize each stone, each tree, each curve… and the more you walk on it, the more the leaves will go away and it will all come back to you stronger and better because you will be ready to welcome it!

    You know I have not been practising Spanish for 12 years or so… and recently I went back to Spanish classes again, and guess what?! It is all coming back to me! It is surprisingly very easy and I am amazed to see how fast I am improving… It is just like I have never quit! I am sure you will feel the same! Good luck, I am sure you are going to enjoy it!


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